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Any chance for a Linux build? Game looks cool!


Is it hard to make a rhythm game?  Specifically, how difficult is it to make the timing work correctly on different machines?  Have you followed any guides or guidelines for this sort of thing?  Thanks in advance.


At this moment i do not account for different machines, the fact that it works well is really just because love2d is doing a good job.

I didnt follow any guidelines. The math is pretty simple (i.e. convert bpm to timing intervals and some basic checks to assure that it stays in sync). If u have any more question you can hit me up on Twitter!


Thanks dude!  I didn't know about love2d.  I wonder if I can make a rhythm game in Game Maker Studio as well provided I can find the right tools in the API or extensions.  About to release a game with that today.  Thanks for the tips!


I have been meaning to post the video gameplay video here for the game. I streamed this on stream about a week or two ago. If you are hesitant on downloading it. I really do recommend it. It's challenging and fun. 

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I'd like to preface this by saying that I've never listened to any of this group's music before. but even so, this game is awesome! the amount of effort taken to make sure that everything is on beat, from the enemies to the platforms to each explosion and even the spikes.

the music itself was also really good, but I'm not really big into music so take that with a grain of salt. my only real complaint is that you have to start from the very beginning, going through all the stages to get back to where you were.

Short version: this game is great.